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Bookmarklets for GWT-Development mode

So my new project (Just Connect by JustSoftware) uses GWT as frontend technology, which means that after struggling to set eclipse’s GWT plugin up properly, I struggled to set the Development Mode up properly :) Now that everything’s up and running, I find my self putting those pescy ?gwt.codesvr= Strings into the URL to trigger the development mode (or removing the strings afterwards.

So I came up with the tiny little bookmarklets, that make my life just that tiny little bit easier:

  1. javascript:location = (location.toString().replace ('#!', '?gwt.codesvr=!'));
  2. javascript:location = (location.toString().replace ('?gwt.codesvr=!', '#!'));

The first one adds the pescy string to the url in the correct place, the second one removes it again.

If you want to have it, too, you can just drag these and drop them to your bookmarks: [+] [-]

Have fun.